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Annual Review 2011/12 

Income and Expenditure

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1 April 2011 to 30 September 2012*


Total Income: £5,122,125
Fundraising and donations: £3,785,995
Investment income: £555,298
Income from other sources: £780,832

Total Expenditure: £6,652,210
Charitable activities: £4,063,169
Governance: £136,158
Other resources expended: £423,829
Cost of generating funds: £2,029,054**

The 2011/2012 Annual Review contains a summary of financial information. More detailed financial information is available in the 2011/12 Annual Report & Accounts, which can be viewed here

*The 2011/2012 Annual Review covers an 18-month period of activity, from 1 April 2011 to 30 September 2012. The change to our reporting period is a result of Poppyscotland’s merger with The Royal British Legion in 2011. Future Annual Reviews will cover a 12-month period.

**The 2011/12 cost of generating funds relates to an 18-month period.  Two years’ Poppy Appeal costs (2011 and 2012) are reflected in the stated totals but income from only one Poppy Appeal (2011), our largest annual fundraising activity, is included. The accounting period concluded immediately prior to the 2012 Appeal taking place, at a point when almost all of the year’s Appeal costs had been incurred but no Appeal income yet received.