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Annual Review 2011/12 

Telling our Unforgettable story

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It is important that when veterans and their families find themselves in difficulty they know to contact Poppyscotland for help and advice. We also strive to ensure that our supporters and the Scottish public as a whole fully understand the impact of our life-changing work and how donations to Poppyscotland make a difference.

During the 18 months of the review period we developed an exciting theme, Unforgettable, to enable us to share Poppyscotland’s message across all aspects of our work. The poppy is associated with remembrance and we still have difficulty in explaining to the public how the poppy helps veterans and their families today. Remembrance is about reflection and, inevitably and properly, has a sombre tone. We therefore needed something to accurately and respectfully reflect remembrance while also showcasing our work in a positive and forward-looking way. We want to show how both our work and the people we service should not be forgotten. We will be there with them in the long haul and need the Scottish public to be there with us also.

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