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Annual Review 2011/12: Telling our Unforgettable story 

An Unforgettable Scottish Poppy Appeal

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Introducing our new theme, Unforgettable, we told the story of Private Stuart Collins, who was shot in the back while serving in Afghanistan. As a result of this injury Stuart’s spinal cord was completely severed. Stuart will never forget that day but, fortunately for him, and many others in the Armed Forces community who urgently need help, neither will Poppyscotland. We wanted to highlight that, for people like Stuart, the support we are able to provide as a direct result of public donations to the Poppy Appeal is truly unforgettable.

We developed a series of exciting and imaginative activities to mark the 90th anniversary of the 2011 Scottish Poppy Appeal.

Our media launch was attended by soldiers from 2 SCOTS and 90-year-old World War II veteran William Walker, who marked out a giant 90 shape. We received terrific coverage from both print and broadcast media and gave the Appeal the best possible start.

Unforgettable Stories, our commemorative photo exhibition, was launched in Princes Mall in Edinburgh. The contemporary exhibition featured stunning black and white portraits of people from all over Scotland, taken by renowned photographers Trevor and Faye Yerbury. The display included images of serving soldiers, veterans and supporters of the charity, with a wide cross-section of individuals featured from those with a close affinity to the Appeal, to those with little or no connection. Alongside each photo was a card, with a hand-written description of what the poppy means to each person. Some descriptions were detailed accounts of how the poppy has helped people adjust back from military to civilian life, whilst others were simple, heartfelt messages of support.