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Annual Review 2011/12: Welfare Services 

Getting veterans into work

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Our employment support grants are targeted at veterans who are low-paid or unemployed with the aim of helping veterans obtain qualifications or retraining so that they can improve their employment prospects.

We feel very strongly that giving people a hand up rather than a hand out can only be good for self-esteem and a successful employment outcome means that they can get on a firm footing to provide for themselves and their families.

During the period of this review, Poppyscotland has helped 45 veterans improve their employment prospects through employment support grants. The cost of delivering these grants is in the region of £75,000. Our clients’ aspirations are wide and varied and support to work offshore, obtain driving qualifications, increase technical qualifications to become registered tradesmen or become a fundraiser are examples of the variety of requests that we have supported.

Watch our short video to see how we helped one veteran get into work.

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