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Annual Review 2011/12: Welfare Services 

Tackling wider issues

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We examine where the need is greatest and direct our funds where it will make the most impact. This is a vital area of our work because it avoids duplication and creates synergy with other organisations to maximise the support available to veterans.

Simply, we want to help as many people as possible within the Armed Forces community. The scale of our awards over the 18-month period has ranged from £250,000 towards the cost of Scottish Veterans’ Residences housing development plans in Glasgow to £20,000 to support the mental health outreach work of Combat Stress, as well as £200 to an organisation called Music in Hospitals Scotland to hold one of 20 funded concerts in care homes for veterans. A small grant can have just as big an impact as a large grant and much depends on where people are in their lives.

Other areas in which we contribute funding include employment, recreational activity, pensions advice, housing, support for those in care homes and last but by no means least, supported employment for veterans with disabilities who in work in Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory.

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