12th September 2019 Fiona Campbell

Earlier today, John Swinney, the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, was at St Augustine’s High School, in Edinburgh, to be given a tour of a ground-breaking new project launched recently by Armed Forces charity Poppyscotland. Mr Swinney was welcomed aboard ‘Bud’ – an 18-tonne purpose-built truck which has taken to the streets of Scotland to teach communities about the importance of remembrance and the heritage of the poppy. Mr Swinney, who met Poppyscotland Chief Executive Mark Bibbey and St Augustine’s headteacher Michael McGhee, said: “I welcome Poppyscotland’s ‘Bud’ truck as an inclusive and accessible way to enthuse younger generations in the experiences and memories of those who have served with the Armed Forces and Veterans Community. Poppyscotland is to be commended for developing an innovative, engaging and interdisciplinary learning experience and activity for schools. ‘Bud’ will help to bring history to life for children and young people. I recognise how important it is that current and future generations learn and do not forget about the sacrifices made by the young men and women of the Armed Forces to keep us safe.”