The War to end all Wars

1918: The end of The Great War

Throughout The Great War, Scottish regiments played a huge part in almost every major battle including Loos, the Somme and Arras. Of the 700,000 Scots who joined the forces to fight in the First World War, more than 100,000 lost their lives. Many more were injured or returned home traumatised by their experiences. Every community and every family in Scotland was touched by the War.

Wounded troops of various Highland regiments during the German Spring offensive, March – July 1918.

Wounded troops of various Highland regiments during the German Spring offensive, March – July 1918.

4th August 1914, 11pm: Britain declares War

25th April 1915 – 9th January 1916: Gallipoli

The 52nd Lowland Division, including Scottish Battalions were involved in this ill-fated operation to secure the strait of the Dardanelles. There were 205,000 British casualties.

9th May – 10th May 1915: Battle of Aubers Ridge
Scottish Regiments sustained heavy casualties. An estimated 2,000 out of 11,000 British casualties were Scottish.

25th September – 8th October 1915: Battle of Loos
More than 30,000 Scottish soldiers served in the largest British offensive on the Western Front in 1915. Half of all casualties were Scottish, with five awarded Victoria Crosses.

2nd April 1916: First-ever air raid on Scotland
Two German Zeppelins attacked Edinburgh. 24 bombs are dropped on the city killing 13 and injuring 24.

5th June 1916:  Sinking of the HMS Hampshire
The armoured cruiser was struck by a mine and sunk off the Orkney Isles. 643 crew, including British Field Marshall Earl Kitchener drowned.

1st July – 13th November 1916: Battle of the Somme

Three Scottish divisions and Scottish Battalions participated in one of the bloodiest battles of the conflict. British casualties exceeded 350,000.

9th April – 16th May 1917: Battle of Arras
44 Scottish Battalions make up the largest concentration of Scots to have fought together during the War. There were more than 53,000 Scottish casualties.

31st July – 10th November 1917: Battle of Passchendaele
The Allied Forces advanced just five miles.  Tragically, 500,000 soldiers from both sides had fallen or been injured.

11th November 1918: Armistice Day
Armistice between the Allies and Germany signed at 11am marking the end of the war.

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