Recovery through comedy

Poppyscotland are proud to introduce to the Fringe an inspirational group of Armed Forces veterans.

Graduates of the RBL Recovery through Comedy programme, an innovative five-day programme teaching comedy techniques to improve self-confidence and wellbeing.

With no previous experience, they were supported to create their own original comedy sets and take to the stage. The audience loved the show, and we are now bringing this laugh-out-loud comedy to Edinburgh.

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Very emotional, I laughed, cried and was so proud of them and I don’t even know them

Audience member

Meet some of the shows performers

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Adrian Leslie

Adrian, served in the Royal Navy and now works for the Royal British Legion, decided to participate in the show due to a decline in personal confidence caused by the pandemic, despite his professional assurance. Reflecting on his experience, Adrian described the course as highly demanding yet enjoyable.

Throughout the programme, he found a consistent undertone of comedy that helped him regain his self-assurance. Surprisingly, the course also fostered a lasting sense of camaraderie and unwavering support among all participants, which he greatly appreciated even seven months after its completion.

All shows are Free Ticketed - Please book your ticket below.
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Alex Harrison_V1

Alex Harrison

Alex, who served in the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards from the young age of 16 and was deployed to both Iraq in 2006 and Afghanistan in 2007.

However, his military journey was cut short when he was medically discharged in 2009 due to sustaining a gunshot wound in Afghanistan.

Alex said that the programme had a positive effect on his life “For some strange reason it’s made me a more stable and chilled person that is generally happier to get up on a stage and talk to people.”


Gil charlton

Gill Charlton

Gill, currently serving full time and undergoing treatment for PTSD, has a strong inclination for exploring new experiences. With a desire to step outside her comfort zone and forge connections with unfamiliar faces, she enthusiastically joined the Recovery through Comedy show.

Gill revealed that despite being naturally confident and outgoing, her sense of self had been impacted by a cancer diagnosis in 2018 and a subsequent PTSD diagnosis.

Engaging in the comedy project proved instrumental in rebuilding her self-esteem and providing insights into what her new veteran identity could potentially entail.

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Andy McQueen_V1

Andy McQueen

Andy, a former infantry soldier from the esteemed Black Watch, served extensively around the world as a Free Fall Parachutist with the Golden Lions FFT.

During his tenure from 1981 to 1983, he was stationed in Germany, Northern Ireland, and the UK as part of the Black Watch.

After leaving the Army, Andy decided to join the Recovery through Comedy show, driven by his long-standing passion for comedy, performance, writing materials for dramas, and his fondness for singing.

Show Times:
Friday11th August6pm
Saturday12th August2pm
Saturday12th August6pm

All shows are Free Ticketed - Please book your ticket below.

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