Volunteer Long Service Awards

About the awards

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Poppyscotland and the Scottish Poppy Appeal - without volunteers Poppyscotland could not achieve even a fraction of what we do. Regardless of how they volunteer to support Poppyscotland, their passion, dedication and expertise allows us to make life- changing improvements to the lives to our Armed Forces community in Scotland.

We appreciate that the majority of our volunteers do not support Poppyscotland in the expectation of being rewarded but we are committed to celebrating our volunteers, their hard work and saying thank you.

Long service awards are one way of thanking volunteers and celebrating their personal volunteering milestones.


Award milestones

Awards can be claimed after:

  • 5 years of volunteering
  • 10 years of volunteering
  • 15 years of volunteering
  • 20 years of volunteering
  • 25 years of volunteering - Solid silver poppy and 25 years banner pin badges
  • 30 years of volunteering - 30 years banner pin badge, worn below the silver poppy
  • 40 years of volunteering - 40 years banner pin badge, worn below the silver poppy
  • 50 years of volunteering - Solid silver, gold plated poppy and 50 years pin badges.


If you wish to nominate a volunteer with over 50 years volunteering, email volunteer@poppyscotland.org.uk or call 0131 550 1597 for more information.



Nominated volunteers will also receive a certificate and a letter of thanks from Poppyscotland as well as the pin badge.

How to request awards

The awards proposer is normally a Scottish Poppy Appeal Area Organiser, Supermarket Organiser or primary contact of club or group. The Proposer needs to complete the details of the individual(s) eligible for a long service award in the form.

Please only apply for one award per person, the highest that they are eligible for. Please remember volunteers will not automatically receive a badge when they reach their next  milestone, they need to be nominated each time they reach a milestone. Proposers can nominate themselves for long service awards.


Any questions about the long service awards

Please contact our Volunteer Development Officer by email volunteer@poppyscotland.org.uk or call 0131 550 1597


Poppyscotland is committed to keeping personal information secure. Poppyscotland will only use the information provided to post the award to the nominated volunteer, however we ask all proposers to ensure they have permission to share the volunteer’s address with Poppyscotland before completing the form.  

Thank you.

Please enter the Proposer’s details below, followed by the Long service award recipients details.

Long service award recipient details:

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