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The aim of ‘Poppyscotland Learning – Sowing the Poppy seed’ is to provide a comprehensive learning experience for nurseries, schools, further education institutions and other youth organisations. The material highlights the importance of remembrance, veterans and the poppy.

The materials focus on a central key question ‘Why is it important to remember?’. This is supplemented by four further big questions, designed to stimulate learning and teaching.

  • Why do conflicts arise, how do they develop and how are they resolved?
  • What is the significance of the poppy?
  • How do conflicts affect communities?
  • How can we support Poppyscotland?

We provide a wealth of engaging, downloadable, learning resources, including lesson plans, assemblies, films and images developed in conjunction with Education Scotland, Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory and Legion Scotland.

All the resources has been designed to stimulate a wealth of skills and abilities, all combining to bring to life the personal stories of veterans and importance of remembrance in a way young people can relate to and understand. Our activities develop crucial skills, helping pupils to think independently and form their own views around remembrance and the poppy.
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Download learning resources including lesson plans and assemblies, or browse our film and image archive. You can search by level, curriculum area or interest. 
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Digital learning pack 2020

Digital Learning Pack

Our Digital Learning Pack 2020 is full of highly engaging and informative teaching resources created to help your pupils learn about the History of the Poppy, veterans stories and tales of real-life inspirational doctors and nurses from history to the present day.
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Learning competition

With many of our older volunteers shielding due to Covid-19, Poppyscotland REALLY needs young people across Scotland to fundraise for us this autumn. Can you be our Fundraising Heroes?
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Meet Bud. Our truck that is travelling Scotland sharing our archive, veterans’ stories and the poppy’s heritage. Bud is helping us to challenge assumptions and create conversations.
Meet Bud
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