How do I write or update a Will to include a Legacy gift to Poppyscotland?

Simply download our  codicil form (PDF) and give it to your solicitor or legal adviser when you write or next update your Will.

It is always advisable to use a solicitor to ensure your wishes are properly clarified and that all important details are included. A straightforward Will is not expensive and any good solicitor should be able to provide you with an estimate.

If you don’t have a solicitor, ask your family or friends if they can recommend one or you can search the Law Society of Scotland website for a solicitor near you.

How should I word my gift for Poppyscotland?

Your solicitor can advise you on the best wording to use to include a gift for Poppyscotland in your Will. It will be important to provide your solicitor with our details as shown here:

Poppyscotland (Earl Haig Fund Scotland)
New Haig House, Logie Green Road,
Edinburgh, EH7 4HQ
(Scottish Charity No SC014096)

We also understand that you might have a specific wish for how or where we use your gift to help veterans. We will always respect and try to meet these wishes in the first instance. However, if we are to be flexible in meeting veterans’ needs it is a huge help to us if such restrictions are not imposed. The needs of veterans are constantly changing and a gift without conditions means we can direct support to where the need is most urgent.

What do people leave Poppyscotland in their Will?

Poppyscotland received its first recorded gift in a Will on 12th December 1929 for the sum of £131.11 – worth about £5,500 in today’s money. The money was used to help several veterans living in severe poverty. Just over a year later in 1931 Poppyscotland received another gift in a Will. This time for £10,000 – worth about £435,000 today – which was used to fund a veterans’ nursing home.

Planned gifts come in all shapes and sizes. The most important thing is that you leave a gift in your Will that is right for you. A popular choice is to leave a share of the ‘residue’ of an estate – that is a percentage of whatever is left after all other gifts have been made and any debts have been settled. This is an ideal way to ensure important people and commitments are cared for first, while still being able to help Poppyscotland.

Alternatively, some people prefer to leave us a sum of money, often with their solicitor arranging it so that it keeps up with inflation. A few people might leave us a house, to be sold and the funds used to help veterans. It is even possible to leave stocks and shares.

Whatever size or type of gift you choose to leave Poppyscotland, you can be sure your gift in your Will will be used in the very best way possible to help improve the lives of veterans and their families.

Should I inform Poppyscotland if I decide to leave a legacy / add a gift in my Will for them?

If you are happy to tell us that you are leaving a gift in your Will you can download our pledge card (PDF) to complete and return to us. Alternatively you can email Kirstie R-Mitchell, our Supporter Care Officer, at or phone 0131 550 1567.

However, there is no obligation on you to do this and if you would prefer to keep your gift private we fully respect your choice. Above all else we understand that leaving a gift in your Will to charity is a very personal act. Please rest assured that any information you are willing to share will be held by us in the strictest of confidence.

What if something happens and I need the money?

This is not a problem. One of the benefits of leaving a legacy / gift in your Will is that it’s still yours for life. If you put a gift in your Will to help Poppyscotland and later find that your circumstances have changed and you’re no longer able to afford your gift, it’s absolutely fine. You can always change your mind and your Will, and we will, of course, understand.

I have a question about leaving a legacy / gift in my Will. Who can help me?

Kirstie R-Mitchell, our Supporter Care Officer is happy to answer any questions you have about our work, our charity and leaving a gift in your Will. You can contact Kirstie by emailing, calling 0131 550 1567 or by completing the online form



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