17th March 2020 Fiona Campbell

The 75th anniversary of VE Day will be marked in schools across Scotland thanks to the introduction of innovative new educational resources created by Poppyscotland, in partnership with the Scottish Government and Legion Scotland.

The launch of a new 40-page ‘VE Day 75 Schools Pack’ took place at Christie Park Primary School, in Alexandria, yesterday. It has been created by Armed Forces charity Poppyscotland and is being sent to every school in the country. The physical pack is supported by a host of new online resources, too.
The VE Day 75 resources contain an abundance of facts and stories about what was life was like for those living through the Second World War, and includes sections on evacuees, rationing and Churchill’s famous VE Day speech. Pupils are being encouraged to discover more about how the War impacted on their local community and to stage their own VE Day Street Party.

Minister for Children and Young People Maree Todd said: “It is vital that current and future generations have the opportunity to learn about the experiences of those who lived and served, both at home and abroad, throughout the Second World War. It is thanks to their efforts and sacrifices that we now have the freedom and relative peace that so many of us take for granted today. I want to commend Poppyscotland for the excellent new education resources that they have created for schools ahead of the 75th anniversary of VE Day in May.”

Gordon Michie, Poppyscotland’s Head of Fundraising and Learning, said: “The 75th Anniversary of VE Day is an important milestone in our nation’s history and it is vital that young people understand its significance. It was wonderful to see how engaged the Christie Park Primary pupils were, and we expect this to be replicated in classrooms up and down the country.



“This innovative new resource is the latest addition to our ever-expanding suite of educational resources. These now include our mobile micro-museum, Bud; a touring exhibition gifted to Poppyscotland following the WW100 commemorations; our annual schools competition; and a host of lesson plans and classroom resources.

“As well as ensuring future generations have an understanding of our past, we hope to stimulate contemporary conversations about the significance of remembrance and its importance to society today. The VE Day 75 resources are the latest way in which we are doing that, and we are extremely grateful to the Scottish Government and Legion Scotland for enabling us to develop such an innovative and comprehensive offering.”
Laura Penny, the Head Teacher at Christie Park Primary School, said: “We are very proud to have been invited by Poppyscotland to launch their VE Day 75th Anniversary Resource Pack. Christie Park Primary School has a long association with Poppyscotland and our curriculum rationale, along with this fantastic new VE Day Schools Pack, allows time for pupils to reflect on the impact of the World Wars on our community. Our school building played a significant role in accommodating evacuees from the Clydebank Blitz.”


Every school in Scotland will receive one of the new VE Day 75th Anniversary Resource Packs this week, while the suite of online materials can be accessed by visiting learning.poppyscotland.org.uk/veday75.