Tea & toast

Celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend from 2nd-5th June by holding a special Tea & Toast event with friends and family

It is really easy to organise and a great way to celebrate this very special occasion! All you need is some tea or coffee – even a cheeky glass of prosecco – and some cake or afternoon tea. Then invite family, friends or colleagues along to join the fun, for a donation. You can help get the party started with our downloadable Platinum Jubilee bunting, cake flags and poster to celebrate this unique anniversary.


Our Regional Fundraising team are here to help and can answer all your questions or give top tips on fundraising.

Tea & Toast FAQs

Why Tea & Toast?

Getting together for a cuppa and slice of toast is a bit of a tradition in the Armed Forces, dating back to the First World War when it was seen as essential to morale. So, we decided to use the phrase as a way to bring together friends and family for a fun fundraising event, Armed Forces style!

Can you only serve Tea and Toast?

Of course not, your tea and toast can be anything you want it to be. People serve everything from sandwiches to home baking as a part of their toasts. They even make an activity out of them such as cake decorating.

What's the other kind of tea and toast?

Is there another kind of tea and toast I hear you say? Well yes there is, simply switch the two around. The Tea can be a dinner, as big and fancy as you like.  Your toast could be something fizzy like a glass of Irn Bru and ‘toast’ to good health!

How do I host a Tea & Toast?

Download some of our materials below to help you decorate and email our Regional Fundraising team using FundraiseForUs@Poppyscotland.org.uk or get in touch with your regional fundraiser using the link at the bottom of the page.

Any questions?

Download materials

We have some fun materials for you to download. These are our non-Jubilee items.

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