Our history

We have been supporting Service men and women, veterans, and their families since 1921.

After the Great War, many of those who served their country were left destitute on their return home.

The aftermath of WWI was huge. Those returning to civilian life had to cope with the prospect of unemployment, financial ruin and homelessness, as well as coping with the psychological trauma suffered as result of the horrific scenes they had witnessed on the front line.

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1921 – Birth of the Poppy Appeal

The Commander of the British Forces during the First World War, Field Marshal Earl Haig, was horrified by the plight faced by so many men who had been under his command and he dedicated his later life to the welfare of ex-Servicemen.

The history of The Poppy

From its inception the Scottish Poppy Appeal has always operated independently from The Royal British Legion’s appeal in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In 1921 The Earl Haig Fund was established by the respective Officers’ Associations north and south of the border to care for those who had suffered as a result of service during the First World War. And we've been helping the Armed Forces community and their families ever since.

The birth of Poppyscotland

Having been administered by the Officers Association Scotland for 35 years, the Earl Haig Fund (Scotland) was registered as a distinct charity on the 26th November 1956, and on 26th March 1999 it was incorporated as a charitable company.

In 2006 we changed our trading name to Poppyscotland to reflect a new year-round fundraising focus.  Although the charity is now well recognised as Poppyscotland, Earl Haig Fund (Scotland) remains as both our registered charity name (Scottish Charity No. SC014096) and our registered company name (Scottish Company No. 194893).


The Royal British Legion Group of Charities

In June 2011 we merged with The Royal British Legion (RBL), which operates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to form the largest charity group supporting the Armed Forces community across the whole of the UK.

More about RBL

Under the terms of the merger, substantial additional investment was committed to Scotland to make significant improvements to the support services for veterans and their families living north of the Border.

Poppyscotland does, however, continue to operate as a distinct, separate charity within the RBL group of charities, with funds raised from the Scottish Poppy Appeal and other fundraising campaigns being used exclusively to support the Armed Forces and veterans’ community living in Scotland.

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