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We support over 500,000 members of the Armed Forces community in Scotland. 

This community is made up of both veterans and those who currently serve. It includes men and women from the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force, both regular and reserve. It also covers members of the Merchant Navy who have served in a commercial vessel in support of UK military operations. And finally, it is important to note, it includes their families as well.

The service and sacrifices made by the Armed Forces community can create unique challenges and difficulties. 

These difficulties often require a different type of support than those readily available to the civilian population. In recognition of this, we provide a wide range of practical support designed specifically to meet those challenges, enabling men and women in our Armed Forces community to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

Our support starts after one day of service and continues through life, long after service is over.

We hope the information below helps to answer any questions but, if for any reason you’re unsure about whether you're eligible for support, please give us a call on 0131 550 1557.

Who is eligible?

If you live in Scotland, we’re dedicated to supporting not only serving and ex-serving personnel but the whole of the Armed Forces community, including family members. This includes:

  • Serving personnel, or those who have previously served, who have received one day of pay and were aged 16 or over at the time of service
  • Reserve or Auxiliary personnel, or those who have previously served
  • Those who have served with the Mercantile Marine afloat in hostile waters
  • Current or previous full-time members of Allied Civil Police Forces

The list goes on. If you think you may be eligible for support, please get in touch.

What counts as a family member?

When we talk about family members or dependants, it can include children, spouses and partners, including widows or widowers.

Other dependants also include relatives, those living with serving or ex-serving personnel or those dependent on them.

Do I have to live in Scotland?

Yes, Poppyscotland only supports members of the Armed Forces community in Scotland. 

However, we are part of the Royal British Legion (RBL) group of charities. RBL provides support in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We work closely together to help those moving to, or from, Scotland get the support they need. RBL also have 96 branches outside the UK, so even if you live abroad, you can still access support.

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