Poppy Swim Challenge

Take the plunge and sign up for a personal swimming challenge to help us raise vital funds to support the Armed Forces community in Scotland. 

Take on the Poppy Swim Challenge as part of a team, or club, or set yourself a personal goal and swim on your own. Fundraise for us and receive a special edition Poppy Swim Challenge swim cap and certificate. If you raise over £100 we'll also send you a swim pin badge and kids get our cloth swim patch when they raise over £40.

It’s your challenge, so you set the rules:

  • Distance - You could aim to swim a mile, or swim 20 lengths a day for a week. Take a look at our inspiring ideas below.
  • Location - It could be at your local swimming pool, or an open-water swim at your nearest beach or loch.
  • Timing - Any time you like!
  • Safety first - Wear suitable attire and consult local authorities and open-water swimming clubs if you're unsure of where you can swim safely. Don’t do your challenge on your own.
  • Raise vital funds - Don't forget to set up a fundraising page when you register.

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Registration includes a swimming cap and certificate. Raise over £100 and we'll send you a Poppy Swim Challenge pin badge; kids get a cloth swim badge when they raise £40.

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Inspiration for your swimming distance

Swim one mile

1 mile (1.6 km) = 64 lengths of a standard 25m pool.

It's still a challenging distance!

Swim the Royal Mile!

1.12 miles (1,792m) = 72 lengths of a standard 25m pool. 

Did you know the Royal Mile is a Scottish mile, which is slightly longer than the standard mile?

Swim the Channel (virtually!)

22 miles (35.2 km) = 1,408 lengths of a standard 25m pool. 

You could swim in your local pool over 2 months while raising vital funds. Maybe you could do it in a relay team with friends.

Swim the length of the River Tay

117 miles (187.2km) = 7,488 lengths of a standard 25m pool.

If you want to push yourself that little bit further why not swim the equivalent of the longest river in Scotland, the River Tay.

Swim the length of the River Clyde

106 miles (170km) = 6,800 lengths of a standard 25m pool.

The River Clyde is the second longest river in Scotland, but it's thought to be the most famous and most important river.

Swim the width of Loch Ness

1 mile (1.6km) = 64 lengths of a standard 25m pool.

It's another mile challenge, but in the North of Scotland... and one with a (virtual) monster.


Why fundraise?

Our veterans need your help when they are at their lowest. They may require mental health support for issues such as PTSD, maybe they need help to find and secure a job or even financial support in an emergency when they are in rent arrears. The money you raise can make a vital difference in their lives by allowing our welfare support team to deliver the tailored support that veterans and their families need.   
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Contact us

Our team of fundraisers are here to help you with your challenge. Get in touch via email using FundraiseForUs@Poppyscotland.org.uk or call us on 0141 338 6580.

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