Gathering the voices: Kindertransport

Watch. Listen. Learn. Discuss. Remember.


Aimed at CfE Third level and above, these powerful resources focus on the video and voiceover testimonies of three Kindertransport and Holocaust survivors Henry Wuga MBE, Rosa Sacharin and Karola Regent. They were were only children/teenagers when they escaped and arrived in Scotland.

In their own words, their storytelling is extremely engaging for young people and will help them understand the monumental events between 1930-1939 that changed Henry, Rosa and Karola’s lives forever and forced them and other Jewish children to travel alone on Kindertransport trains from Germany to Britain. 

Download the ten lessons and special intro pack using the links below. You only need to fill in your contact details once per session.

A two-year project with the Gathering the Voices charity, Alison McFarlane, Teacher of History and Modern Studies at Oban High School and Education Scotland led to the creation of this engaging suite of 10 resources aimed at CfE Third Level and above.

On Friday 6th May 2022, Mr Henry Wuga MBE, 98, joined Poppyscotland and Gathering the Voices to help launch new lessons for Scottish schools. Henry met ten S2 pupils from Shawlands Academy under the clock at Central Station, where he first arrived in Scotland. That was followed by a discussion between Henry and the students about his experiences, the Holocaust, and modern child refugees to Scotland.

Mr Henry Wuga MBE, 98, at the launch our new Kindertransport resources

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